Wildland Firefighting

Around the clock and around the world, SGA firefighting crews and helicopters have earned an enviable reputation for rapid response, high performance, and outstanding uptime availability. Our aviation crews are among the most experienced wildland firefighters in the world, and each heavy lift helicopter is supported with fully equipped maintenance trailers, closed circuit fuel trucks, satellite communications, and ground support staff. Our aviation mechanics are experienced at working all hours in the field to insure the daily aircraft reliability that professional firefighting demands.

More Water. Less Money.

Our performance goal is to put more water on more fire with the greatest effect for less money.

Our aircraft are equipped with two different water-dropping systems:

  • Collapsible portable Bambi buckets with 680 gallon (2620 liter) capacity
  • Bambi Max Self-Filling Gated Bucket with 660 gallon (2500 liter) capacity and multiple drop capability

These systems, combined with the superb operational efficiency of our crews and the accuracy of our experienced fire pilots, make SGA one of the best values in the professional firefighting arena.

The K-MAX helicopter has proven to be one of the most efficient “cents per gallon” water bombers in the aviation firefighting arsenal. This is particularly true at high elevation or in extremely hot temperatures in mountainous conditions that handicap many aircraft.