Swanson Group Aviation is experienced at many different types of external lift operations, including:

  • Ski lift towers
  • Foundation concrete pours
  • Cell tower placement
  • Transmission and power pole placement
  • Transformer removal
  • Emergency debris removal and restoration work
  • Large scale project construction material transport
  • Aircraft recovery
  • Pipeline placement

Our ground crews and pilots are trained to perform lift work with safety and precision. Our K-MAX helicopters are ideally suited for construction applications. The K-MAX is quieter than any comparable helicopter. Its downwash is also considerably less due to the unique intermeshing dual rotors which eliminate the tail rotor found in most helicopters. The pilot visibility for vertical reference precision placement is superb from either side of the cockpit, and the aircraft is stable and powerful in a hover with a load on the hook. All of these features, plus the high level of external load experience shared by SGA's pilots, add up to excellent safety for ground crew personnel operating beneath the aircraft.

Our aircraft have been called an “I-beam with an engine” because of their excellent strength and reliability for repetitive lift operations. SGA’s aircraft are also ideally suited for long term construction projects that demand aerial transport of materials because of their high reliability, lean fuel burn, and optimum performance in difficult “hot and high” conditions.

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