Steve Athanas
Aviation General Manager

Swanson Group Aviation

From the mountains of the Pacific Northwest to the Afghanistan war zone, Swanson Group Aviation has a proven record of heavy lift helicopter operations. Since adopting the K-MAX helicopter in 1996, the company has flown 85,000 flight hours while lifting and placing 2 billion pounds of material.

Eurocopter Astar

The AS350 is a member of Airbus' rugged and proven Ecureuil family. Some 6,600 members of the Ecureuil family (AS350, AS355, AS550, AS555, H125, H125M, EC130, H130) have been delivered in nearly 120 countries for close to 2,000 operators. Together, these aircraft have accumulated more than 34 million flight hours. The AS350 is the undisputed leader in its class for the past 30 years.